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Who We Serve

Goverment Communications

Your mission is critical.

We communicate your mission clearly.

You need content to convey your work to the public, from fighting COVID-19, to administering Medicaid for the needy, to keeping America safe from terrorists. But you are too busy to worry about proper sentence structure and punctuation.

Our team works on deadline to make your complex topics clear. We can fine-tune your documents—proposals, research papers, evaluations, and everything in between—with precise rewriting and editing.

Major products in our portfolio include refining policy documents on national issues such as the opioid crisis and formal apprenticeship programs, and local crises such as hunger among vulnerable populations in Colorado.


  • Opinion Pieces (blog posts and op-eds)
  • Corporate Reports (annual reports, press releases, and more)
  • E-Books
  • Ghostwriting
  • Marketing Materials (collateral, email newsletters, and more)
  • Speechwriting
  • Video Scripts
  • Website Copywriting
  • Writing Coaching


  • Substantive Editing to restructure and rewrite
  • Copy Editing to follow recognized style guidelines
  • Proofreading to check for grammar and spelling errors
  • Message Development to identify your key ideas


  • Mapping content to every phase of the marketing funnel
  • Content development and creation
  • Email newsletters
  • Podcasting
  • Video scripts

Featured example of our work


  • Our team has a combined 121 years of experience writing and editing, and 35 years working internationally.
  • We have worked in 27 countries, in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, South Asia, and throughout the former Soviet sphere.
  • Most of our team members are former professional journalists.

Corporate Information

Primary NAICS Codes

  • 541410 Editing and Technical Editing Services
  • 711510 Independent Writers

DUNS: 081377770
Cage Code: 864X7

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Who We Are


A decade as an international communications specialist and writing coach, following two decades as a reporter and editor.


More than two decades of writing and editing experience for major international organizations, including the World Bank.


Almost three decades as a reporter, editor, and media executive, with expertise in content marketing and digital communication.


Two decades as a national and foreign correspondent and six years writing and editing for international organizations and nonprofits.

What People Are Saying...

  • Our Foreign Policy academic partners are very pleased with the articles that Katherine and her team produce for our Graduate Guides. I've heard compliments such as, “They do a better job articulating what we do than we do ourselves,” requests to link the article we produce to their website, and overall satisfaction. Katherine does her best to put our clients’ needs first, is collaborative, and always manages to deliver top-quality within our established deadlines.

    Sherri Greeves, Director of Academic Partnerships

    Foreign Policy

  • Publishing a volume of poetry did not seem achievable. It was your expertise, your enthusiasm, your appreciation of my poetry that made me believe in myself. You encouraged me to stretch myself by having me write from different perspectives. I will be forever grateful.

    Rachel K. May , author

    Tell That to Your Sister

  • In addition to ensuring that all of our content is grammatically accurate and clear, Katherine takes the time to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the writing, questioning an inconsistency in an argument or suggesting ways to make connections between topics clearer. The professionalism of the editing is top notch, which includes brief, helpful explanations behind her suggestions so that similar thinking can be applied on future work.

    Satisfied Client

    Brookings Institution

  • Best Writers and Editors took a highly technical description of monitoring and evaluation and translated it into engaging language for our website.

    Kip Patrick, Senior Director, Advocacy and Communications

    United Nations Foundation, Clean Cooking Alliance

  • Katherine masterfully edited several papers by visiting scholars from developing countries. Most of the authors had never written research papers before and needed help providing clear evidentiary logic as they refined their narratives under a tight deadline. In particular, Katherine helped transform a paper by a scholar whose first language was not English, patiently working with the author in both English and Spanish. Having such a skilled (and multilingual) editor was invaluable.

    Merrell Tuck-Primdahl, former Communications Director, Global Economy and Development program

    Brookings Institution

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Please contact us to learn more about how we can support your writing, editing, or marketing needs. Also, please connect with us on social media to stay in touch.